Preventive Home Maintenance Program

Accidents and bad things happen. But they shouldn’t if there are preventive measures that can stop them from happening. When it comes to accidental damages to homes and household repairs, there is not only one way, but several ways that preventive measures can be used. Your home is one of the greatest investments you will ever make in your life. Your home is where your family unites, making it a precious asset.

The professionals at Fixnou want to help you prevent any kind of future damages to your home. To help our customers effectively prevent damage, we have created the Home Preventive Maintenance Program. We have consulted with and received information from the local fire department, plumbers, and electricians to put together a strong checklist of common household damages inside residential homes. This checklist can be used to inspect every part of your home on a regular basis. Together, we believe that we can prevent future accidental damage to your property.

How Does The Preventive Home Maintenance Program Work?  

We have designed the Preventive Home Maintenance Program to be as simple as possible so that it is easily understood. Of course, preventive measures are on-going and there will always be updates and improvements made to the program simply because the way things are constructed changes and there are will always be better tools, better ideas, and better ways to prevent accidents from happening. 

After the completion of any project that we have completed, we will leave our customer with a copy of the Preventive Maintenance Checklist but not before we’ve had a chance to walk you through it. As you follow the checklist and learn how to inspect every part of your home, we are confident that you will become knowledgeable enough to prevent future accidents and unforeseen damages to your property. After your initial walk-through, we will schedule a 3-6 month follow-up appointment to check on your progress and to answer any questions that you might have.  We are truly dedicated to keep our customers happy, and this program really fulfills that wish.  

How Can I Participate?

Maybe you are wondering how you can participate in The Home Preventive Maintenance Program. You are not alone! Many people ask how they can participate in this awesome program. This program is free of charge to everyone. Just contact the professionals at Fixnou at 801-800-6982 and ask for the Home Preventive Maintenance Checklist membership enrollment. Get a tight grip on your future and call today! 

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