Pet Urine Odor and Stain Removal

Pet Urine is typically considered by professionals and consumers alike to be one of the most difficult problems in carpet cleaning.

Since Urine is not removed by simply cleaning the carpet, regardless of they type of cleaning agent, machine or method.  It is critical to understand the factors that make removing pet urine odor and stains effective.

First, it needs to be understood that treating the carpet fiber alone is usually not enough to remove pet urine odor from the carpet.  In most cased the pet urine has penetrated multiple layers of the flooring…see picture above.  These layers include the carpet fibers, backing, padding and sub-floor.  When removing pet urine odor and stains it is imperative that all layers which have been infected by the pet urine are treated with both the correct cleaning products as well as the correct cleaning process.  If any of the 4-layers do not get treated properly, the pet urine odor may continue to persist, thus wasting both time and money.

When treating pet urine odor it is also very important to understand how much of the carpet to treat.  This is one of the main reasons for failure during the pet odor removal process.  Typically when you see a pet urine spot on the top of the carpet, it is likely that it has soaked into the other 3 layers as well.  As the pet urine continues its way through the layers, it expands in size and shape.  Therefore when treating for the pet urine odor, it is vital that you treat enough of the area that all infected areas on all 4 layers are treated.  A general rule of thumb is that how ever large the area is on top of the carpet that you can physically see, you should treat an area about 3-5 times that size around the stain.  Also, the larger the animal the more pet urine there will be in the       carpet and therefore the larger area you should treat.

Customer Review: 
Wow…Power Plus was the answer to my prayers. Having had an older dog that was deaf and blind, couldn’t find the doggie door any longer, and the house became her backyard. Had to put her down before having carpets in the whole house cleaned. But then to have a daughter move back in with her dog, we found out she was using the house as her backyard too…UGH…called Power Plus, the owner (Kade) was fantastic to us, had carpets checked with black light, and saw green spots galore. I knew there were tons of urine places, as I was using Vicks in my nose to hide the smell until Power Plus was able to get here. This is the most professional company I have dealt with, and made me feel comfortable about my horrible carpets. Every room had green spots showing up with the black light. Its was amazing to see the process in removing spots, urine and the smell. After 4 hard hours of cleaning my carpets, I arrived back home and they looked like new, and smelled wonderful !!!!! My home is urine free, spot free, and smell free. I have used many other carpet cleaner companies over the years, but have never found one that truly understood, or knew the correct process from beginning to end of how to get urine smell, spots out ect. So you can imagine if you just want to have your carpets cleaned, your out come will be amazing. I will NEVER use another carpet cleaner company, but POWER PLUS! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Elaine M.  Payson, UT


FREE Pet Urine Scan:      We offer a free pet urine scan that will determine both the severity and location of the pet urine stains in the carpet.  This allows us to determine the exact process needed to best resolve your pet urine odor problem.

Topical Treatment: This Treatment is for mild cases of pet urine odor and usually performed when the pet is small.  This process is also the most simple and least expensive process for treating pet urine odor.  Once the pet urine spots have been detected we apply a strong but safe pet urine solution that breaks down the urine so that it can be removed with our normal cleaning process.  Then using a specially design anti-microbial agent, we apply it to the infected areas of the carpet, killing the urine microbes and bacteria that cause the odor.  Once dry the Smell is eliminated.

Price: $35 per room

4-Layer Treatment: This treatment is for moderate to advanced cases of pet urine odor.  It is for medium to large sized pets and is performed so as to treat all 4 layers of the flooring (see image above).  When the pet urine has penetrated multiple layers of the flooring, it is critical to treat all layers, otherwise the pet urine odor may continue to persist.  First we apply a strong but safe pet urine solution that breaks down the urine crystals so that they can be dissolved into the cleaning solution.  We then us a special tool called a flash  extractor that concentrates all of the suction and power of the truck mount machine into a very small area. This concentrated suction pulls out the maximum amount of all solution and urine possible.  We then apply a specially design anti-microbial agent to the infected areas of the carpet, killing the urine microbes and bacteria that cause the odor.  Once dry the Smell is eliminated.
Price:  $1.00 per Sq/ft ($50 min + $25 set up fee).  When measuring the square footage of the room, we do not charge for areas that are not infected such as underneath furniture, unless it is needed or requested.

Full Urine Restoration:  For severe to extreme cases and large animals Without question this process is the most effective way of completely eliminating pet urine odor in the carpet.  It starts  by pulling the carpet up in each room.  Removing the infected padding & tack strip, then sealing the sub-flooring to kill any urine microbes in the wood or cement.  New pad and tack strip are then installed.  We then treat and clean the back side of the carpet (this is called the backing).  The carpet is then laid back down and stretched back into place.  We then treat and clean the entire carpet, eliminating the pet urine and odor from the carpet fibers. It is also important to remember that even if you decide to completely replace all carpet, pad and tack strip, it is very important to treat and seal the sub-flooring for pet urine before you put down the new pad or carpet.
Price:   $2.50 per Sq/ft ($250 Min + $50 set up fee) + the cost to reinstall the carpet

**Caution: When replacing carpet due to extreme pet urine issues,  make sure to inspect sub flooring for urine.  If the urine has penetrated into the flooring, it is extremely important to seal the sub flooring before installing new carpet.  If you do not the urine in the sub floor may continue to cause odor problems in your home.
We can seal the sub flooring for as low as 75 Cents per sq/ft  (Price based on all carpet, pad and tack strip being removed and floors are free of dirt and debris)