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Water Damage Disaster Encounters

From an overflowing dishwasher in the kitchen to rising water in the basement, when excess water makes its way into your home it can wreak havoc, damaging your home’s structure and your belongings. When this happens to you it can be unbelievably traumatizing and stressful. Even small water leaks can cause more damage than you […]

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Mold Contamination In Your Home Or Business

Mold contamination is one of the most disastrous types of problems that can happen to a home or business structure. Surface mold is ugly, yes, but when you have surface mold you can guarantee that there is mold beneath the surface that is doing more harm to your property. Mold is often found as green […]

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What to do if Flooding Strikes Your Home in Salt Lake

“That was convenient” is never going to be something you say or hear when water damage strikes your home, in fact, it’s exactly the opposite. We understand the urgency and the delicacy of the situation, but it is important that when faced with a water damage, you stay calm, think clearly, and act fast. Here are a […]

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Maintenance Tips To Prevent Water Damage

There are four words that no homeowner wants to hear in a single sentence, “You have water damage.” Fortunately, there are proper maintenance measures that you can take to protect your home from water damage. We have come up with a list of maintenance tips you can follow to prevent water damage in your Midvale home. […]

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Why Salt Lake City Residents Should Schedule Regular Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning usually comes to mind when carpets look noticeably dirty or some type of spill has happened and needs to be professionally cleaned up. Not a lot of people think of carpet cleaning as an investment in their property and a way to preserve the life of their carpet. But, all homeowners and business […]

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Fixnou Carpet Cleaning and Restoration Contractors

Your Trusted Emergency Team! At Fixnou Carpet Cleaning and Restoration Contractors, we have a mission. Our mission is to make our customers happy by providing the best possible customer service with the highest quality of work performance. Fixnou was built by trusted friends, family, and our loyal, happy customers. As a team, Fixnou is provide […]

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