Maintenance Tips To Prevent Water Damage

There are four words that no homeowner wants to hear in a single sentence, “You have water damage.” Fortunately, there are

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proper maintenance measures that you can take to protect your home from water damage. We have come up with a list of maintenance tips you can follow to prevent water damage in your Midvale home.

Plant Carefully. Some plants and trees, such as weeping willows, have invasive roots that can damage water lines and your home’s foundation. Avoid over watering any plants that are close to your home and try watering in the morning. Painting water-sealant around the basement can prevent any seepage.

Check Your Gutters. This is a task that should be on every homeowner’s to-do list. Clear out any leaves, branches, bird nests, or other debris that might be clogging your gutters. If your gutters become clogged they won’t be able to properly dispense any rainwater that may be coming off your roof.  Clean out rain gutters twice a year to prevent the leaking or clogging of drain spouts. If the roof is too steep or unsafe call a professional to check them out for you. Be sure your downspouts are 5 to 10 inches away from home to prevent water leaking into your basement and ensure good water drainage.

While you are at it, check your roof. Be sure and inspect your roof for any damage. High winds, hail storms, snow, and rain can cause loose or missing shingles. Shingles are there to protect your roof when they become damaged or become loose their protection weakens and the likelihood of water damage increased. You also check for any “ponding” – pools of standing water that appear on your roof after rainfall. These pools of water can cause your roof to rot and leak.

Appliances Matter Too. Check the hoses and connections on all appliances that use water such as the dishwasher, washer, water softeners and refrigerator ice makers. An ounce of prevention goes a long way towards preventing water damage. Replace washer hoses every 5 years, and consider using reinforced hoses. Here is a not so fun fact: water heaters tend to leak or burst at about 5-8 years of age. This being said, it is important to check all water heater valves and connections regularly for leakage, erosion, kinks, pin pricks or blistering.

Check Your Sprinkler System. Replace broken or leaking sprinkler heads. A leaking sprinkler system can play havoc with your home’s foundation. Water from leaking sprinkler systems can cause your foundation to settle resulting in cracking, discoloration, and mold growth.

Pro tip: you can monitor your water bill to alert you to any water leaks. Usually, water leaks will cause a spike in your water bill.

Window/Doors. Inspect and replace door seals. Damaged or loose seals will let the rain into your home. Windows that do not close properly will let the water seep into the frame of windows causing warping, discoloration, and loss of heat. Caulk and seal all windows, preventive maintenance will help safeguard against water seepage.

Water damage can be unpredictable and even if you follow these tips on water damage prevention you still might experience a water damage disaster. In the event of such a disaster, contact a professional water damage restoration company, like Fixnou, to remove the water and repair any damages.

In need of more water damage prevention tips? Contact the professionals at Fixnou in Midvale!

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