Why Salt Lake City Residents Should Schedule Regular Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning usually comes to mind when carpets look noticeably dirty or some type of spill has happened and needs to be professionally cleaned up. Not a lot of people think of carpet cleaning as an investment in their property and a way to preserve the life of their carpet. But, all homeowners and business owners should realize the benefits that can come from routinely having carpets professionally cleaned year-round. There are a lot of reasons why Salt Lake City residents should schedule regular, year-round carpet cleanings.

Carpets that are cleaned often:

Live longer. Carpet costs a lot of money to replace, but regular carpet cleanings can increase the longevity of your carpet a ton! Your carpet deserves a little TLC. Save money on carpet replacement by taking special care to have your carpets and rugs cleaned all year long.

carpet cleaning salt lake cityWhen your carpets are cleaned regularly, dry soils that envelope the carpet are easier to clean. Most can be vacuumed making daily maintenance much easier.

Spills and stains. Spills in your carpet can attract more dirt and grime to your carpet. Cleaning on a regular basis keeps more dirt from being tracked in and stomped on to the carpet follicles, making your carpet cleaner longer.

Air quality. Did you know that your carpet contributes to the quality of air in your home or business? It’s true. Carpet traps pollutants that can cause the air quality in your property to diminish. This can provoke people’s allergies and respiratory problems. Regular carpet cleaning will help eliminate these pollutants and make the air quality in your home better.

There is such a difference in the way a room looks after the floors and carpets have been cleaned. When a room goes months and months without a cleaning, the carpet becomes dull and takes away from the appeal of an attractive room. Keep your carpets clean; keep your rooms looking fresh. In business, dull and dirty carpets can really leave an impression on a client. Don’t risk losing a customer over the appearance of your floor. Let the cleanliness of your company shine through.

Living or working in a dirty environment can drag down attitude. Improve the quality of life in your home, or quality of work in your employees by giving them a comfortable, clean place to work. You will raise overall morale and this can lead to a more productive schedule. it is clean.

Don’t waste the warranty on your carpet. Keep your carpet young and fresh with routine carpet cleanings and make sure you preserve your carpet for the length of the warranty.



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